Personal injury actions can result form a number of different actions or events that give rise to liability.  Physical or emotional injuries that are a result of the actions of another, may entitle you to recover for the damages you have suffered.  They can result from negligence, strict liability, or intentional acts.                      


            Many personal injury actions can stem from motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries, drug injuries, medical malpractice, and accidents at the home or business of another.  Most of these claims can be settled through negotiations with the person or entity, or the defendant’s insurer.   


            Recoverable damages can include any number of the following:


·        Past Medical Expenses

·        Future Medical Expenses

·        Lost Wages

·        Loss of Wage Earning Capacity

·        Physical Pain and Suffering

·        Physical Impairment

·        Mental Anguish


            Our firm is committed to working with injured claimants to determine the extent of their loss and the sources of liability, in addition to obtaining the maximum possible recovery to compensate them for their loss.  Because different claims may carry a different statute of limitations, it is essential that claimants seek the advice of an attorney in a timely manner.