CIVIL RIGHTS LAW ( Section 1983 Lawsuit )
Civil Rights Lawyers from the firm of Jeff Donnellon, Law, LLC, are committed to defending the United States Constitution, and maintain a very active civil rights practice.  Civil Rights Lawyers protect clients whose liberties have been violated. You can hire a Civil Rights Lawyer from Jeff Donnellon Law, LLC, to advocate your case.
Civil Rights are those rights that have been created for the citizens and these rights are protected by the government. Civil Rights and Liberties are the Right to get redress if injured by another, the Right to privacy, the Right to peaceful protest, the Right to a fair investigation and trial if suspected of crime. Civil Rights may even be based on constitutional Rights like the right to vote, the Right to personal freedom, the Right to life, the Right to freedom of movement and anti–discrimination laws. The Civil Rights movement was introduced to provide equal protection to all the citizens to avoid current discriminations.
            Our firm can assist clients in the following areas:
              • Police Brutality/Excessive Force
              • Police Shootings
              • Unlawful Arrests
              • Wrongful Convictions
              • Section 1983 Litigation
              • First Amendment
              • Class Actions
              • Discrimination/Employment
              • Other Civil Rights